How difficult would it be to make the equivalent of Windows Terminal Server with Wine?

Hans Leidekker hans at
Mon Nov 1 11:11:58 CST 2004

On Monday 1 November 2004 17:38, Markus Amsler wrote:

> My approach was the following:
> Server side:
>   - defining a mime-type application/x11-control (or something similar)
>   - a x control file, with all the information to connect to the 

Defining your your own mime-type has a disadvantage in that nobody but
you knows about it (yet). In Boaz's approach it's not needed because it's
not an X session that's started from the browser (OCX) but an ssh session
that then starts the the remote app and tunnels the X session in case it's
a graphical app. So what would be needed is a tiny shell script that goes

 ssh -X user at apphost '/path/to/wine/app.exe'

A mime-type for shell scripts already exists: application/x-sh 

> This may be a little off-topic, but the idea combining http and x is 
> really fascinating.

Funny how we were independently getting off-topic within the same thread.


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