EnumDateFormatsA: Add ru_RU locale and default DATE format

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at baikal.ru
Tue Nov 2 10:10:38 CST 2004

"Vitaly Lipatov" <lav at etersoft.ru> wrote:

> Changelog:
>  EnumDateFormatsA: 
>   - Add ru_RU locale (0x419)

That's a completely broken implementation, please do not extend it.
It should retrieve the data from the kernel32 locale database (have
a look at dlls/kernel/nls).

>   - Use DATE_SHORTDATE when dwFlags is 0
>   - Ignore LOCALE_USE_CP_ACP bit in dwFlags (I can't find a difference in 
> Windows behavior with this flag)

It would be nice to see a test case for that.

Also please use a common indent 4 spaces as (almost) everywhere in Wine.


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