source level debugging with WineLib?

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Wed Nov 3 00:30:16 CST 2004

Geoff K. Hart a écrit :
> Hello,
> We just started using WineLib, and have very basic question:
>   which -g??? option do you use to do source level debugging
>   with winedbg?
> I searched the documentation and mailing list for any step-by-step
> about this, but found nothing.  So either the answer is so obvious
> that I just can't see it - or it doesn't work?
> By default, winemaker seems configure things for no debug - so I
> edited one Makefile manually, and added -g.  Winedbg can attach
> to the process, and can even show the stack - but didn't know
> much beyond that.  I tried all the -g variants that I could find,
> but only -gstabs and -gstabs+ seemed to help.  
-gstabs is needed because we don't grok the dwarf debug information, 
just the stabs one. latest gcc version use dwarf as default.
Which wine version are you using ? They've been several fixes in winedbg 
which could help you here.

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