source level debugging with WineLib?

Boaz Harrosh boaz at
Wed Nov 3 01:34:37 CST 2004

Geoff K. Hart wrote:

>We just started using WineLib, and have very basic question:
>  which -g??? option do you use to do source level debugging
>  with winedbg?
There is no point in struggling with winedbg, with a winelib. wine and 
winelib apps can be fully debugged with gdb. I use a full screen gui 
over gdb, kdevelop, give it a try.  What you do is :
- find out if on your system you are running wine-kthread or 
wine-pthread. (wine is Just a loader that figures out which one to 
load). Than at the gdb settings the executable for debugging is that one 
(wine-pthread or wine-kthread)
- have all the right command line parameters to invoke your winelib app. 
If you have environment variables need set do that before you run the 
debugger or at the debugger before the app is loaded. In kdevelop there 
is a nice settings dialog to set all these things once.
Actually one of the points of a winelib is that you can use the native 

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