The Return of IE6 Problems

Dan McGhee farmerdan at
Wed Nov 3 06:16:57 CST 2004

Mike Hearn wrote:

> ITSS was implemented by Mike - as it's a component of IE I guess it 
> should at least work with it so I'm CCing him. It may be that he 
> implemented it for some other app rather than IE and he doesn't have 
> time to bring it up to scratch for IE right now. I'm not sure.
> The second patch suggests that we got RegInstall wrong. That needs to 
> be fixed, but for now you can probably get IE back to a working state 
> again by overriding both these DLLs as native (itss, advpack).

I updated from cvs at about 0530 CST, November 2.  I now need use only 
system.reg from a wine in mid-August to get IE6 to run and the help 
engine is functional.  I do not need to use a different user.reg now.  
Additionally, either native or builtin itss or advpack work fine.  The 
only difference is that with a native itss the fonts in the Help Window 
are "prettier."

> If you look at the script I wrote back in January, quite a lot of what 
> it does is simply overriding various incomplete DLLs. I no longer 
> maintain that script (buy CrossOver! :) but if you want to take over 
> maintenance by all means do so, I'd be happy to help you get up to speed.

I would like to try to do this.

To do my regressions, I wait for the monthly snapshot and download the 
full-cvs.  I would like to keep my repository updated.  Do I just 
"commit" from the updates of my sandbox?  Or is there another way to get 
Alexandre's commits into my repository.



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