Public domain source in wine

Michael Jung mjung at
Thu Nov 4 06:39:34 CST 2004


I would like to use source code from LibTomCrypt ( in 
my implementation of rsaenh.dll (which I still hope has a remote chance of 
being accepted into wine ;-), in order to get rid of the OpenSSL 
dependencies. LibTomCrypt is in the public domain. I have two questions:

1. What is the legaly correct way to do this? As I understand it, public 
domain source can simply be taken as is and re-licensed under the LGPL. Is 
this correct? Am I allowed to remove the headers in the original file, which 
state that the code is public domain? How do you generally acknowledge the 
original author?

2. A more technical question: LibTomCrypt's original sources are highly 
customizable (A lot of conditional compilation and hook-functions). Since we 
have fairly special requirements for rsaenh, I could cut down the source code 
a lot. However, this would make it harder to incorporate code from a newer 
version of libtomcrypt, once it becomes available. Which way is preferable? 
Having less code or beeing easily upgradeable?


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