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Roderick Colenbrander thunderbird2k at
Fri Nov 5 11:15:05 CST 2004


Now that I have thought about it a while longer perhaps it is the right idea
to already start using uxtheme. If I remember correctly uxtheme is already
usable the only problem is that we don't use it to actually modify the look
of wine widgets. Kevin Koltzau, the original uxtheme author, made the dll
able to parse original windows xp themes and further he used it to theme his
own app with it (atleast the color part). It might be a good idea to stick
to the old wine colors and add a winelook uxtheme option. When the option is
enabled we use uxtheme to parse a theme file and it will then adjust the
colors. The theme file will be then of the same type as the files used on
windows, so you could even use windows themes. After this a gtk/qt backend
could be added to uxtheme.

This is just an idea that came up,


> I'm sorry, this was supposed to be sent on 03/11/2004... (the patch was
> resent
> on 11/03, but I sent this to my own address instead of So
> should I
> resend the patch again?
> And also, for the core devel folks, what do you think about this default
> color
> change?
> Message follows:
> No one has other opinions? I still think it's better to use the WinXP
> (classic)
> colors as the default, until we finish the uxtheme dll (and add other
> themes),
> because it simply looks better (for me, but I believe others also find the
> new
> colors more soft to the eye, and comfortable to look at).
> I'm resending the patch.
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