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William Poetra Yoga H williampoetra at
Sat Nov 6 03:35:25 CST 2004

--- Roderick Colenbrander <thunderbird2k at> wrote:

> Hi,
> Now that I have thought about it a while longer perhaps it is the right idea
> to already start using uxtheme. If I remember correctly uxtheme is already
> usable the only problem is that we don't use it to actually modify the look
> of wine widgets. Kevin Koltzau, the original uxtheme author, made the dll
> able to parse original windows xp themes and further he used it to theme his
> own app with it (atleast the color part). It might be a good idea to stick
> to the old wine colors and add a winelook uxtheme option. When the option is
> enabled we use uxtheme to parse a theme file and it will then adjust the
> colors. The theme file will be then of the same type as the files used on
> windows, so you could even use windows themes. After this a gtk/qt backend
> could be added to uxtheme.
> This is just an idea that came up,
> Roderick

--- Andreas Mohr <andi at> wrote:

> Hi,

> I also like the new colors more (the "older" W2K design, NOT the horrible
> Luna one!).
> Andreas Mohr

--- Stefan Dösinger <stefandoesinger at> wrote:

> I like it ;-)
> Stefan Dösinger

Roderick: Please reply below the original post, not above it (everyone else
does it, so not doing it could cause some confusion IMO)

Yeah, I personally like the Classic Theme colors too... :)

I think Roderick's suggestion is good. I'll take a look at uxtheme, and if it's
usable I think we should use it; if not I think it's better to change the
default colors for now (no addition of code, just change of some constants),
and then when uxtheme is ready, we can add more themes. What do you (all)

Why I really like the WinXP Classic colors to be implemented:
1. It's nice, soft to the eye (I said this before)
2. It makes gradient caption bars look nice (when I finish the work on gradient
caption bars, that is)
3. It has a positive mental effect (see reason #1)
4. It encourages hacking on WINE (see reason #1, #3)
5. It's not difficult to implement
6. It doesn't break compatibility with apps, and provides above-stated

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