Frame and Button Edges

William Poetra Yoga H williampoetra at
Sat Nov 6 03:54:42 CST 2004

This is about frame edges and button edges on WINE...

On Windows, the default behavior is the outer left-top edge of a frame is
painted with COLOR_BTNFACE and the inner left-top is colored with something
white (COLOR_BTNHILIGHT maybe???). But for caption buttons and push buttons,
they are reversed.

In WINE, the abovementioned edges, whether for a frame or for a button, are
1. outer left-top is COLOR_BTNFACE
2. inner left-top is white
This is probably not so noticable, but it's actually quite disturbing if you
ask me...

For comparison, in ReactOS (0.2.4), caption buttons' edges, and toolbar
buttons' edges are drawn correctly, but those of push buttons aren't.

So the problem is: how do we reproduce Windows' default behavior? I have tried
the styles for DrawEdge, and even made a program to try it out, but I can't
seem to generate the correct edges for buttons.

The source to edges.c is attached. I wanted to attach the executable but... Can
I attach it?

Oh, and this is off-topic: How do I use Tahoma as the default font for WINE,
like in the screenshots? I think Bitstream Vera fonts look weird for Windows
apps... I've searched google but found nothing that helped me...

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