winuser.h : remove a fixme and "add" some things

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Sat Nov 6 08:59:47 CST 2004

"Rémi Assailly" <remi.assailly at> wrote:

> Excuse me,
> I did not want to write that ULONG_PTR is 32 in Win32 _and_ Win64, but I
> wanted to write that ULONG_PTR and DWORD were the same. I was wrong here
> : DWORD is always 32bits, no ?

Right, DWORD is a 32-bit entity in both Win32 and Win64.

> So, why there are a lot of ULONG_PTR instead of DWORD if it is not to be
> ported in Win64 ?

That's there exactly for that purpose - to be portable to Win64. That's
a variable that can potentially hold a pointer or a handle value. Win64
is not binary compatible with Win32, but is aimed to be source compatible.
Read some docs about porting to Win64 for further details.


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