SetupComm insize 1600 outsize 1600

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The problem below was that of the application and not of wine! Therefore my apologies....and a good opportunity to thank the wine community and encourage you, to continue your good work! I always follow your doings closely and wine was introduced into StartCom's MultiMedia Edition last month.


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  Hi Wine Developers,


  I need to use a Win app on Linux and everything seams fine, except that the communication with the serialport doesn't work. Well, also here, everything seams fine to me, so I want to get your advice. The only thing I could see is the unimplemented stub for "SetupComm insize outsize". Can I set it by my own (setserial) or what's the meaning of it anyway? The output below seams to me pretty good...:

  fixme:comm:SetupComm insize 1600 outsize 1600 unimplemented stub
  trace:comm:GetCommState handle 0x54, ptr 0x778ef948
  trace:comm:GetCommState OK
  trace:comm:GetCommState bytesize 8 baudrate 2400 fParity 0 Parity 0
  stopbits 1
  trace:comm:GetCommState ~IXON ~IXOFF
  trace:comm:GetCommState fOutxCtsFlow 0 fRtsControl 1
  trace:comm:GetCommState fOutxDsrFlow 0 fDtrControl1
  trace:comm:GetCommState ~CRTSCTS
  trace:comm:SetCommState handle 0x54, ptr 0x778ef948
  trace:comm:SetCommState bytesize 8 baudrate 1200 fParity 0 Parity 0
  stopbits 1
  trace:comm:SetCommState ~IXON ~IXOFF
  trace:comm:SetCommState fOutxCtsFlow 0 fRtsControl 1
  trace:comm:SetCommState fOutxDsrFlow 0 fDtrControl1
  trace:comm:EscapeCommFunction handle 0x54, function=5
  trace:comm:EscapeCommFunction SETDTR
  trace:comm:EscapeCommFunction handle 0x54, function=4
  trace:comm:EscapeCommFunction CLRRTS
  trace:comm:SetCommTimeouts (0x54,0x778ef934)
  trace:comm:PurgeComm handle 0x54, flags 4
  trace:comm:PurgeComm handle 0x54, flags 8

  ]# cat /proc/tty/driver/serial
  serinfo:1.0 driver:5.05c revision:2001-07-08
  0: uart:16550A port:3F8 irq:4 baud:2400 tx:11 rx:0 RTS

  Best Regards

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