STL with WINE problems

Dagan Shai Shai.Dagan at
Sun Nov 7 03:48:27 CST 2004

I'm trying to compile a C++ file using WINE. The file includes STL's
map. I am using STLPort with WINE.
I get a long list of errors starting with:
/starhome/iu/wine/include/wine/msvcrt/cstdlib:97: `div' not declared
/starhome/iu/wine/include/wine/msvcrt/cstdlib:102: `ldiv' not declared
/starhome/iu/wine/include/wine/msvcrt/cstdlib: In function `ldiv_t
   std::div(long int, long int)':
/starhome/iu/wine/include/wine/msvcrt/cstdlib:122: `ldiv' undeclared
(first use
   this function)
/starhome/iu/wine/include/wine/msvcrt/cstdlib:122: (Each undeclared
   is reported only once for each function it appears in.)
/starhome/iu/wine/include/wine/msvcrt/cstdlib: At global scope:
/starhome/iu/wine/include/wine/msvcrt/cstdlib:138: `lldiv_t' not
/starhome/iu/wine/include/wine/msvcrt/cstdlib:139: `_Exit' not declared
I'm using msvcrt as the C library. I saw a previous posting with the
same problem, and I've tried the various solutions suggested (toggling
-mno-cygwin, using STLPort) but that did not work.
Suggestions welcome.
Shai Dagan
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