winzip 9 doesn't run under wine :-(

Hans Leidekker hans at
Mon Nov 8 05:44:25 CST 2004

On Monday 8 November 2004 11:59, Mike Hearn wrote:

> > But winzip 9 still doesn't install, at least with default settings;
> > now the wrong value for default destination comes up in the installation
> > dialog box, "%SystemDrive%\Program Files\WinZip".  Seems like
> > some environment variable isn't being expanded somewhere?

What version of Wine are you using? It installs fine for me on CVS
from yesterday. I have grown into a habit of doing:

 $ rm -rf ~/.wine && wine <program.exe>

because the rate of change in Wine is so high that you can expect
the registry (and the rest of .wine) to be out of sync with Wine's
code within a couple of days.

> Check the registry, does this string appear in it somewhere? If so we 
> probably need to set the key to type EXPANDSZ or whatever it's called ...

I recall that there were some changes related to these environment
variables recently. My guess is that Dan's .wine is from before those


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