dlls/winmm/tests/capture.c - yes, we can open a device in 2MHz...

Robert Reif reif at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 8 06:53:05 CST 2004

Jakob Eriksson wrote:

> Robert Reif wrote:
>> Removing the test so it passes on a Windows system with a real bug is
>> not the right thing to do for a wine regression test.  The test is 
>> there to
>> find bugs and that's what it did.
> So, a driver blacklist is in order then?
> regards,
> Jakob Eriksson
Isn't the point of winetest just to do a sanity check on the wine 
tests to make sure they are correct and valid.  You don't need a 100%
pass rate to prove that the tests are valid as long as you understand the
reason for failure.  Putting a windows driver blacklist in a wine regression
test just doesn't seem right.

I would rather see effort spent worrying about bugs in wine sound drivers
rather than bugs in windows drivers.  But then, winetest isn't meant to be
run on wine which is a shame because it would be ideal for identifying
which wine hardware/os/library versions are causing problems.

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