dlls/winmm/tests/capture.c - yes, we can open a device in 2MHz...

Jakob Eriksson jakov at vmlinux.org
Mon Nov 8 09:50:09 CST 2004

Robert Reif wrote:

> Jakob Eriksson wrote:
>> Robert Reif wrote:
>>> Removing the test so it passes on a Windows system with a real bug is
>>> not the right thing to do for a wine regression test.  The test is 
>>> there to
>>> find bugs and that's what it did.
>> So, a driver blacklist is in order then?
>> regards,
>> Jakob Eriksson
> Isn't the point of winetest just to do a sanity check on the wine 
> regression
> tests to make sure they are correct and valid.  You don't need a 100%
> pass rate to prove that the tests are valid as long as you understand the
> reason for failure.  Putting a windows driver blacklist in a wine 
> regression
> test just doesn't seem right.

Maybe not, but seeing red enttries in the HTML report doesn't seem right 
And why should anyone reading these logs have to remember which driver
was or wasn't broken...?

> I would rather see effort spent worrying about bugs in wine sound drivers
> rather than bugs in windows drivers.  But then, winetest isn't meant 
> to be
> run on wine which is a shame because it would be ideal for identifying
> which wine hardware/os/library versions are causing problems.

Winetest has a "runningunderwine" report option. Running it under Wine 
will be

Jakob Eriksson

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