[Fwd: Re: dlls/winmm/tests/capture.c - yes, we can open a device in 2MHz...]

Robert Reif reif at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 9 08:51:27 CST 2004

> How about this?
> regards,
> Jakob
How about starting a blacklist framework.  You could have
a table with the function that fails and some caps info that
identifies the driver.  I would suspect that there is more
than one buggy driver out there.  You could then just add
it's info to the table when it is found.

You could then do:

if (!inBlacklist(WAVE_IN_OPEN, &capsA)) {
    // do the test
} else
    trace("blacklisted ..... \n");

There are modems that do strange things and the Remote
Desktop Protocol driver and other third party sound
rerouting pseudo drivers also do strange things.  These
will need to be added someday also.

This could become a real maintenance nightmare if not
done properly from the start.

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