[shellpath.c] Taking into account the profile value set in wine config file

Juan Lang juan_lang at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 9 10:36:39 CST 2004

--- Fabrice Ménard <menard.fabrice at wanadoo.fr> wrote:
> Excuse me to reactivate this debate, but I had'nt understood all your
> thoughts.
> Has there been a consensus on this spot ?
> Should I resend the patch, change it or get rid of it ?

No need to apologize.  Alexandre's most recent suggestion is the correct
one, IMO:

> No, setupapi should respect the environment variables if they are
> already set (which I believe it does, at least for USERPROFILE). Then
> the user who wants different directories should define the proper
> variables before running wineprefixcreate.

The impact would be, shellpath.c should just call
ExpandEnvironmentVariablesW, and only if this doesn't expand all the
environment variables should it try to do so itself.  (I'm guessing
%USERPROFILE% will be set if it's overridden in the config file?  I don't

Btw, your patch abuses the use of an HRESULT.  It uses it as a BOOL. 
Please either use HRESULTs, or change the prototype to return BOOL.


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