wine notes & /etc/resolv.conf

Grant Williamson traxtopel at
Wed Nov 10 15:13:27 CST 2004

is there a patch anywhere, which will allow wine to reread the 
/etc/resolv.conf file.

application lotus notes

a) start notes whilst connected to home network. /etc/resolv.conf gets 
populated by home dhcp server
b) start vpn connection to work /etc/resolv.conf gets populated with 
extra name servers
c) try and connect to work notes, server fails, as it cannot resolve 
named address

If you start notes after the vpn connection is started, then /etc/resolv 
if correctly populated and the problem
does not occur.
Same issue happens when u suspend your machine and start in a different 

Does anyone have a patch or know how to get wine to reread  
/etc/resolv.conf periodically?


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