[AppDB] apidb_fullurl() does not act as expected...

Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at telusplanet.net
Wed Nov 10 17:21:00 CST 2004

Quoting Jeremy Newman <jnewman at codeweavers.com>:

> No this will not work. You need to keep the paths relative. Do not use
> full URLs as then if you have a development/test server running, it will
> take you back to the production site.
> If you look at index.php, there is an include("path.php"), which defines
> the static BASE. If you always inclide path.php from the cwd, your
> scripts will get BASE, and you can use that for the relative path.

Yes but this is in the body of the email being sent out for a link back to
the AppDB 

So this is what you end up seeing.

> ./appview.php?appId=25&versionId=8
> cmorgan deleted comment from Application: Internet Explorer Version: 5.0
> Subject: RE: unable to download setup info

That is not a link to anything...
Tony Lambregts

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