Tables For Standard Caption Buttons' Metrics?

William Poetra Yoga H williampoetra at
Thu Nov 11 09:41:11 CST 2004

In windows/nonclient.c, the captions on caption buttons are calculated
(according to the button size, which is determined by some system metrics).
This is due to the fact that we don't have a replacement for the Marlett font
used in Windows.

But simple formulae can't reproduce the captions correctly. I've taken some
screenshots of the caption buttons in Windows XP (with the classic theme, so I
think the results can be reproduced in earlier versions).

I think we can reproduce Windows' behavior with a table. For every value of
SM_CYCAPTION, we have one table entry. This way, we can save space (the table
is a lot smaller than a table of bitmaps) and still reproduce correct behavior.

Anyone has comments on this?

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