Kernel 2.6.9

Mike McCormack mike at
Fri Nov 12 08:35:54 CST 2004

I'm using Slackware 9.1/Linux 2.6.9, and I haven't seen anything out of 
the usual.  The CrossOver Wine tree that I'm using may be a little older 
than the WineHQ cvs though (3-4 months), and Slackware doesn't use NPTL 
as yet.


Paul Rupe wrote:
> Has anyone tried Wine with Linux kernel 2.6.9?  I'm getting crashes with 
> this version that don't happen when I reboot back to  I haven't 
> had much luck debugging it so far, but each time, ps shows a <defunct> 
> wine-preloader process and wineserver still running.

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