ws2tcpip.h: Define socklen_t

Felix Nawothnig felix.nawothnig at
Sat Nov 13 07:36:27 CST 2004

On 11/13/2004 02:22:18 AM, I wrote:
> We don't have socklen_t defined anywhere and that's the place where  
> it's defined in the official headers so... WASTE compiles fine now... 
> (I'm sure there is a reason why it isn't defined but I can't see it -  
> so tell me why this will be rejected... err... if it will be... :-)

Ooops... WINE doesn't build anymore, I guess that's a good reason. :)

Anyway, what's the correct way to get socklen_t then? Would it make  
sense to do...

#ifndef __socklen_t_defined
typedef int socklen_t;
# define __socklen_t_defined

...or prefix it with WS() maybe?

Or should I just include unistd.h in winelib apps? (Not sure if that's  
possible even since I'm using MSVCRT...)


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