Missing file names in WINEDBG

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at wanadoo.fr
Sun Nov 14 03:13:53 CST 2004

jeffl a écrit :
> Eric, it is number one.
> Eg:
>> 1 0x40912b8f GDI_GetObjPtr+0x197(handle=0x107f, magic=0xffff) 
>> [/winf/dlls/gdi/gdiobj.c:861] in gdi32 (0x4073fcac)
>>   2 0x40912c71 DeleteObject+0x39(obj=0x107f) 
>> [/winf/dlls/gdi/gdiobj.c:919] in gdi32 (0x4073fccc)
> as it was last week and
>>   3 0x40915afd GDI_GetObjPtr+0x105 in gdi32 (0x4073fcac)
>>   4 0x40915c35 DeleteObject+0x39 in gdi32 (0x4073fccc)
> as it was after the last CVS update.  I assume that there has been a 
> config change that has turned off debugging info.
I found the issue. Basically, it's due to a recent change where for consistency with Windows, we moved some internal sizes from 
32 bit to 64 bit and not all the changes have been made.
Unfortunately, since there's a back log of patches regarding dbghelp (and winedbg), I'll wait for those to be applied, and I'll 
send the fix afterwards (likely by the end of next week).
Thanks for reporting the issue.

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