Solved! (was: winzip 9 doesn't run under wine)

Dan Kegel dank at
Sun Nov 14 13:34:26 CST 2004

Hans Leidekker wrote:
>>>But winzip 9 still doesn't install, at least with default settings;
>>>now the wrong value for default destination comes up in the installation
>>>dialog box, "%SystemDrive%\Program Files\WinZip".  Seems like
>>>some environment variable isn't being expanded somewhere?
> What version of Wine are you using? It installs fine for me on CVS
> from yesterday. I have grown into a habit of doing:
>  $ rm -rf ~/.wine && wine <program.exe>

I figured it out, finally.
I had been doing an out-of-tree wine build, where you
make a directory next to the wine sources, and do
   make depend && make
This works great and keeps your source tree pristine.
You can even run out of the build directory without installing,
which is handy when developing.

However, if you run without installing, when the wine executable
notices you have no .wine directory, and creates one using
wineprefixcreate, it can't quite handle the out-of-tree build.
I get the error
   cp: cannot stat `/home/dank/demo/build/tools/wine.inf': No such file or directory
This caused all sorts of things to be missing in the registry,
which explains lots of the problems I had.

The workaround is to copy wine/tools/wine.inf to build/tools,
then run wine for the first time (or blow away ~/.wine and run wine).
- Dan

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