taskmodal messagebox implementation, take 3

Juan Lang juan_lang at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 14 14:46:51 CST 2004

--- Ivan Leo Puoti <puoti at inwind.it> wrote:
> Well, your code works, and I've made it into a patch.


> Due to my lame webmail client you code arrived with no indentation, so
> in the future please attach any code you send to me.

D'oh.  Okay.

> If you think the attached patch is OK I'll forward it to wine-patches.

A few minor points:

> +    /*habdle modal message boxes*/

I missed that misspelling last time (handle, not habdle.)

> +    if (!(hRes = FindResourceExW(user32_module, (LPWSTR)RT_DIALOG,
> msg_box_res_nameW, msgbox->dwLanguageId)))

This looks like a pretty long line, please wrap it.

> +        EnumThreadWindows(GetCurrentThreadId(),
> MSGBOX_CountDisabledThreadWindows, (LPARAM)&threadWindows.numHandles);


> +             threadWindows.handles = (HWND
> *)HeapAlloc(GetProcessHeap(), 0, threadWindows.numHandles *
> sizeof(HWND));


> +        EnumThreadWindows(GetCurrentThreadId(),
> MSGBOX_EnumDisabledThreadWindows, (LPARAM)&threadWindows);

Same here.

> +    ret=DialogBoxIndirectParamW(msgbox->hInstance, tmplate,
> msgbox->hwndOwner, MSGBOX_DlgProc, (LPARAM)msgbox);

And here.


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