Is it time to delete wineinstall?

Chris Morgan cmorgan at
Sun Nov 14 21:29:55 CST 2004

> >
> > For many, wine is a stepping stone from windows to linux.  It eases
> > the relocation process.  For those people, ./configure, make, and make
> > install isn't so trivial or automatic.  What they are used to is a
> > single setup.exe like in windows
> Most people install RPMs, they don't build from source.

I'll second this.  Most users install wine from binaries.  Those that install 
from source look to our documentation which could easily instruct them to do 
as they should for nearly all source projects using the normal 
configure,make,make install.

> Now, why the different list of drives in the two scripts?
> And why does wineinstall have *any* of what's in wineprefixcreate,
> since it then immediately calls wineprefixcreate?
> Code forking is evil, and makes bugs harder to reproduce.
> How 'bout we at least nuke the part of wineintall that
> duplicates what's in wineprefixcreate?

Lets just get rid of wineinstall, then we won't have to worry about duplicated 
code. ;-)  


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