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Wed Nov 17 00:06:57 CST 2004

James Hawkins wrote:
> One of my conceptions of wine is as a stepping stone for users
> switching over to linux from windows that still only feel comfortable
> with windows apps or those that don't know what linux apps are
> available.  What do you think about adding a 'Similar Linux
> Application' link or section to each windows app where applicable that
> would point them in the direction of the linux equivalent of the
> windows app and thus help with the transition process?  They might not
> necessarily use the app, but at least they'll be more aware.  What are
> some ideas about this?
As far as that goes I have no "objection" if you want to add the urls to
the applications then we can give you administrator rights.

I have added one to microsoft word


Tony Lambregts

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