Is it time to delete wineinstall?

M-Halo masochisthalo at
Wed Nov 17 01:50:27 CST 2004

I just want to chime in to the group and say that I've
been a regular user of Wine now for close to a year
now.  I absolutely **LOVE** wineinstall.  In fact, as
a VERY newbie Linux user at the time, Wine was the
very first app I installed on Linux BECAUSE of
wineinstall - otherwise, I probably never would have
made the move.

Wine RPMs have never properly worked for me (I run JDS
R2); so, I stick with installing via the wineinstall
script.  I also recommend others to not use RPMs to
avoid possible hassles.  (Ironic isn't it?) 
Wineinstall just makes everything easy by automating
everything -- from configuring to making to installing
to creating my fake c drive & config file -- ...
especially when I'm instructed to rent a video or two.

Since then, I've compiled other apps with configure/
make/ make install ... yet, I find myself still using
wineinstall for installing Wine from source.

Keep Wineinstall... it's vital.


> For many, wine is a stepping stone from windows to
> linux.  It eases
> the relocation process.  For those people,
> ./configure, make, and make
> install isn't so trivial or automatic.  What they
> are used to is a
> single setup.exe like in windows, and they also want
> that with linux,
> and that is what wineinstall does.  If you feel you
> are more
> comfortable with configure, make, make install etc
> then you should do
> it that way, but because there are still people who
> dont know that
> route, wineinstall still exists.
> -- 
> James Hawkins

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