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Wed Nov 17 04:30:38 CST 2004

On Sun, 7 Nov 2004, Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:
>> 3. winetest.exe currently assumes you're running under Windows.
>> See main.c line 577:
>>   (putenv ("WINETEST_PLATFORM=windows") ||
>> Wouldn't it be useful to allow Linux results to be computed
>> and reported via winetest, too?   Presumably it could detect
>> that it's running on Linux somehow.  (perhaps by running uname -a...)
> It would be cool (and we support it), but in practical terms, it will
> be more of a problem (that's why we explicitely disable it). We know
> that all tests run under Wine/Linux anyway, so it would provide little
> additional benefit,

That's certainly not true of the sound tests. Those will fail on some 
machines depending on whether you use wineoss or winealsa or winearts, 
etc, and edpending on your soundcard. Some graphics tests may also be 
sensitive to the X bit depth or other environmental issues.

It's still possible to run the Linux tests via 'make test' and that may 
make winetest redundant on Linux to some extent. But we cannot claim 
that the 'tests run under Wine/Linux anyway'.

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