wineprefixcreate (and so wineinstall) hang

Olive Esseret olive_esseret at
Wed Nov 17 08:13:14 CST 2004

I do not know if this question is appropriate here; so
please excuse me
if it is not (I have not had any answer elsewhere)

On Mdk10.1 and with wine-20041019 the following
command (which is called by wineprefixcreate and so
also by wineinstall) never terminate.

wine rundll32 setupapi.dll,InstallHinfSection
DefaultInstall 128 wine.inf

Although this happens most of the time, it does not
appears every time and did not appeard on Mdk10.0
(although there does not seems to be essential
differences between the two distributions)

If it is not possible to make it works, anyone has an
idea on how to do the things by hands? If you need
more informations about my system configuration,
please let me know (I have no idea what is


P.S. Please excuse if this message apperas twice; I
had posted it two hours ago and it has still not appeared.

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