profiling GTA4. question about polling

Brian Gunlogson bmg300 at
Wed Nov 17 15:55:58 CST 2004

GTA4 (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City) runs on Wine with no additional tinkering! Albeit horribly
A profile of GTA shows that only one D3D function (drawStridedSlow) needs major optimization.
According to the oprofile results, polling seems to be the major bottleneck.

(the top of a flat profile generated with oprofile)
samples  %        image name               app name                 symbol name
2177620  14.0147              wine-preloader           drawStridedSlow
1681661  10.8228  vmlinux                  vmlinux                  do_pollfd
1025198   6.5980  vmlinux                  vmlinux                  pipe_poll
515461    3.3174  vmlinux                  vmlinux                  add_wait_queue
423342    2.7245  vmlinux                  vmlinux                  poll_freewait
423185    2.7235  vmlinux                  vmlinux                  __pollwait
354490    2.2814  vmlinux                  vmlinux                  fput
285473    1.8372  vmlinux                  vmlinux                  sys_poll

I'd like to optimize this. Any hints?

Brian G

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