Is it time to delete wineinstall?

Dan McGhee farmerdan at
Wed Nov 17 18:01:33 CST 2004

Dan Kegel wrote:

> M-Halo wrote:
>> Since then, I've compiled other apps with configure/
>> make/ make install ... yet, I find myself still using
>> wineinstall for installing Wine from source.
>> Keep Wineinstall... it's vital.
> OK, let's keep it, but let's migrate everything interesting
> from it into,, or winecreateprefix.
> Then wineinstall can just be the one-line script
> configure && make depend && make && make install
> and we won't have to ask people which way they built wine;
> with or without wineinstall will yield exactly the same results.
> - Dan

As strictly a user, I think that Dan's idea is great. If 
wineprefixcreate did all the stuff that wineinstall does, then there 
would be no need for wineinstall. Since the two processes are currently 
different--and I am one who prefers wineinstall also--installing wine, 
depending on the method used, can create some confusion.


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