Version information in hhctrl.ocx breaks hhupd.exe

Tom twickline at
Thu Nov 18 11:30:16 CST 2004

Hans Leidekker wrote:

> Well, not having version information in hhctrl.ocx breaks other applications
> (see the thread on the WinZip 10 installer which triggered me to send that
>  patch).


Would setting the version to 4.72.7323 allow Winzip 10 to install?
And a newer version of the native hhctrl.ocx would see that it needs 
updating and install without error?


> The native version of hhctrl.ocx has version information, and so should
> Wine's. It could very well be that this breaks more apps than it fixes,
> but sometimes that's the price you have to pay for making progress.
> Let's hope that this change itches some capable developer enough to do 
> some serious scratching... ;-)
>  -Hans

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