prevent peekmessage from crashing when msg == NULL

Juan Lang juan_lang at
Thu Nov 18 12:34:36 CST 2004

--- Eric Frias <efrias at> wrote:
> I must admit I've never looked at the test suite.  What kinds of things
> should have tests?  Are they intended to verify implementations of the
> undocumented or poorly-documented parts of the windows API?

That, as well as correct and documented behavior.  The more the merrier.

> I guess by that standard, the other patch I posted which fixed the
> behavior of two consecutive calls to OpenClipboard() would be another
> good candidate for a test case.

I think so.

The test code is pretty straightforward:  you use the ok macro to check a
condition.  Something like, ok(GetLastError() == ERROR_NO_MORE_DATA,
"Expected ERROR_NO_MORE_DATA, got %d\n", GetLastError());

If you write a test that fails under wine, and you don't have a chance to
fix it, you can still submit the test with a todo_wine, like:
todo_wine ok(...)

You can run the tests with make test.  I try to do a make test before
sending in a patch to make sure I didn't regress anything (fortunately
Alexandre seems to as well).

In some areas, particularly new areas of code, having no tests is
acceptable.  In existing code, having a test case will go a long way to
getting a patch accepted.

> It might take me a while to get around to it, right now I'm under
> pressure to get winelib working on HPUX.

Good luck!


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