Version information in hhctrl.ocx breaks hhupd.exe

Sven Paschukat Sven.Paschukat at
Thu Nov 18 15:45:44 CST 2004

 > It can be done just by setting Wine to use only the native version of
 > hhctrl.ocx, AFAIK:
 > $ WINEDLLOVERRIDES="hhctrl.ocx=n" wine ...
 > or
 > $ WINEDLLOVERRIDES="hhctrl=n" wine ...

Ok, first command works.

 > What version of windows is your Wine set to behave like?
 > And what version of Wine are you using?  Mine is latest CVS.

I'm using fresh .wine directory und initial config with no windows 
version set. And i am using latest CVS, too. Setting windows version to 
"win98" has no effect.

My hhupd.exe is version 4.71.1015.0 with hhctrl.ocx version 4.74.8875.

 > The native version of hhctrl.ocx has version information,
 > and so should Wine's. It could very well be that this breaks
 > more apps than it fixes, but sometimes that's the price you
 > have to pay for making progress.

What about Tom's suggestion setting a more realistic -lower- version in 
builtin hhctrl.ocx? Version number 10.0 is good for applications needing 
hhelp functionality, but not for them with installers.

Thanks, Sven

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