No RichEdit20A window class

Michael Ost most at
Thu Nov 18 18:20:19 CST 2004


My winelib application can't create a window of class RichEdit20A. It
looks like the class is not being registered, because the DLL is not
being loaded. Any clues why this might be?

Turning on trace+richedit shows that dlls/richedit/richedit.c's
RICHED32_Register and DllMain are not being called

My test app tries to create a RICHEDIT_CLASS window and then it tries a
TOOLTIP_CLASS window. Since both window classes are registered from
their respective DLLInit I thought they would make a good comparison.
The first fails; the other doesn't. 

Neither riched32.dll nor commctrl.dll show up in the exe.spec.c file,
since winebuild finds none of their entry points in my code. But the
commctrl DLL is loaded, while the riched32 one is not.

#include <richedit.h>
#include <tooltips.h>

  CreateWindow(RICHEDIT_CLASS, ....)
  // Fails: I see err:win:CreateWindowExA bad class name "RichEdit20A"
  // on the console
  CreateWindow(TOOLTIP_CLASS, ...)
  // no complaint

Any help would be appreciated... mo

Michael Ost, Software Architect
Muse Research, Inc.
most at

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