epoll, LSB (was: Re: Problem roundup)

Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at shemesh.biz
Sat Nov 20 22:46:35 CST 2004

Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:

>"Shachar Shemesh" <wine-devel at shemesh.biz> wrote:
>>Hmm. Would separating the BiDi code (which is the reason ICU is linked 
>>with GDI) into a separate DLL (they way it is on Windows 2000) help?
>We have wine_unicode.dll for that and many things are already separated
>there, like unicode, case map, collation tables and appropriate algorithms.
After some looking into it, I think this is the wrong place to place 
BiDi. At the moment, Windows does BiDi (depending on version) at either 
function level, LPK.DLL or uniscribe. In other words, Windows already 
have specific locations where BiDi is performed.

wine_unicode, on the other hand, is just a helper used internally by 
wine. The thing we REALLY should do in the long run is implement 
uniscribe. That's where BiDi really must be.

>Eventually we have to implement bi-di support there without relying on any
>external libraries.
BiDi is a $&!(@*#)$ complicated algorithm (excuse my language). Why on 
earth should we insist on writing it ourselves?


Shachar Shemesh
Lingnu Open Source Consulting ltd.

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