SetForegroundWindow() from WM_ACTIVATE broken

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I have an application that keeps a fullscreen back panel window open,
with its current working windows always in front. The back panel and
all working windows are parented to the desktop.

On windows clicking anywhere on the back panel momentarily activates
the back panel, then the working window is brought to the front. On
wine the back panel is brought to the front and activated (title bar
active), obscuring the working window.

I have narrowed the cause of this down and created a tiny test app to
demonstrate the problem. Under windows, Calling
SetForegroundWindow(xxx) from within the WndProc (specifically, while
handling the WM_ACTIVATE message), will cause the xxx window to
become the foreground window and rise to the top of the z-order. On
Wine the window that called SetForegroundWindow() rises to the top of
the z-order and gets its titlebar activated. This makes the app
rather unusable at present.

Does anyone have an idea how to correct this behaviour?

I have attached the test app and its source for testing in case that
helps, and I'll post more info if I find anything more.


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