[Mingw-users] headers suggestion

Aaron W. LaFramboise aaron77thyme at aaronwl.com
Sun Nov 21 13:46:29 CST 2004

Jonathan Wilson wrote:

> Basicly, the idea is that mingw-runtime would become the "definitive" set 
> of msvcrt.dll headers out there and that ReactOS, MingW and WINE would 
> start using it for any case where you are talking to msvcrt.dll from the 
> public side.

I don't know what other people's perspective is here, but I think
mingw-runtime's primary usefulness is to provide a standard C library
for the GNU toolchain on Windows.  In the long term, such a project
isn't necessarily tied to msvcrt.dll at all, nor is it necessarily just
a set of headers for someone elses dynamic runtime.

Is it a good idea for other projects to use mingw-runtime as an
interface to msvcrt specifically?

As far as the Windows headers go, with regards to w32api and all of
that, as much merging as possible seems excellent.  Ideally there would
only be a single Windows API codebase.

However, some other projects might also have political aims that may be
contrary to the MinGW culture.  I do not want to see the w32api turned
into anything that might restrict its use, as this was the whole point
of re-implementing it in the first place.

Aaron W. LaFramboise

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