epoll, LSB (was: Re: Problem roundup)

Vincent Béron vberon at mecano.gme.usherb.ca
Sun Nov 21 15:30:35 CST 2004

Le sam 20/11/2004 à 14:59, Mike Hearn a écrit :
> > I hate that solution. I've been bitten by overly strict dependencies 
> > before. If you require libstdc++5, mark as depending on it. Same goes 
> > for libc versions.
> Makes sense. RPM should have picked it up automatically, I'm not sure
> why it didn't.

Because it would have caught a whole slew of other dependancies which
are not as soft as they could be yet. So instead of getting "why do I
need glut to install Wine, and what is glut?" I decided to simply not
use the automatic dependancy discovery tool while making the rpms
(starting from RH9).


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