epoll, LSB (was: Re: Problem roundup)

Ivan Leo Puoti puoti at inwind.it
Sun Nov 21 17:59:03 CST 2004

>You're forgetting K6 and K6-2 users with i586. Also, RH never provided
>i586 packages (except for kernel and glibc), so it'd be foreign to the
>distro to offer only that.

The why not just 386 and 686, that will fit all.
And you could not build devel and srps packages, or build them but hide them,
and put a links to them somewhre else than the main download page, so that
people that want them can get them but end users who just want runtime stuff can
get it easily.
Or we could just build some download pages for winehq, and just host the files
on sf.net, like that we could make them more user friendly. Or we could make
some pages and put them on winehq.sf.net, so that packagers could edit them
without having to touch the lostwages cvs.


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