ownerdraw paint recursion in listbox

Alexander Yaworsky yaworsky at migusoft.ru
Mon Nov 22 00:20:03 CST 2004


recently i tried to install some application and it hung when i
tried to select options.
It uses listbox with ownerdraw items with checkboxes. When listbox
is initially painted everything is ok. But when i try to select other
item, an extra WM_PAINT is sent to listbox when application draws item.
This causes infinite recursion.
I've been implemented a simple workaround adding boolean to listbox
structure but i have doubts. I briefly looked at some other controls
and had not noticed similar countermeasures.
Have somebody ever seen such behaviour?
It would be interesting to test other controls sending WM_PAINT from
ownerdraw handler but i'm short of time to do it soon.
Should this workaround implemented in this way or something
is wrong deeper with WM_PAINT handling?


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