epoll, LSB

Robert Shearman rob at codeweavers.com
Mon Nov 22 09:14:37 CST 2004

Shachar Shemesh wrote:

> I think the source of the problem is a small misunderstanding about 
> what LPK.DLL does on windows. It's not where the reordering algorithm 
> is. That's in uniscribe. What's there is how this reordering algorithm 
> is used for ExtTextOut, DrawText, EditControl and so on. As such, I 
> think it's best if we did the same in Wine. Since the interface to 
> LPK.DLL is undocumented, I think it's best to use something with 
> similar functionality but different name, say "WINELPK".
> As for the algorithm itself, I have no objection to it being 
> implemented in wine_unicode. I'm just questioning the wisdom of that 
> DLL. What does Windows use for the same functionality? If it's not 
> there, where is it and why not put it there for wine too?

Windows uses ntdll. We don't want to get rid of wine_unicode because it 
is also used in wineserver and that obviously cannot use ntdll.


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