Problems with mailing list

Andreas Mohr andi at
Tue Nov 23 08:45:57 CST 2004


On Tue, Nov 23, 2004 at 03:21:13PM +0100, Robert van Herk wrote:
> Hi all,
> Last month I moved, as did my ip address. Since then, I don't seem to 
> get any messages from the wine devel mailing list, although I am still 
> subscribed. I don't know whom to send this to, but can somebody (the 
> admin of the list) please try to find out what is the problem? Thanx,
Your "nomail" attribute was set, most likely due to excessive bounces to
your address...
(I just cleared it)

(BTW, the user interface is there to let the user easily change these
and other things... ;-)

Andreas Mohr

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