Fwd: Re: [Wine]DC++ crashes with current CVS wine

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Wed Nov 24 01:02:08 CST 2004

  I've sent the message below to wine-users mailing list and nobody has replied
until now. So I subscribed do wine-devel and I'm posting the message here.
Of course I cannot distinguish whether this problem is important enough to be
fixed, but I think it's some problem with wine dlls so it can help other
apps too.. 
                          With regards, Pavel Troller

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> Hi!
>  I have a problem, that DC++ client now crashes in wine. The problem is that it
> crashes using its own exception handler, from the wine's point of view the app
> is running OK. The client simply pops up a dialog box saying that it just
> crashed and the debug info is placed in a file called exceptioninfo.txt. OK, the
> file is really there and it really shows something important:
> Code: c0000005
> Version: 0.4034
> Major: 4
> Minor: 10
> Build: 67766446
> SP: 0
> Type: 0
> Time: 2004-11-21 08:09:57
> c:\documents\vcprojects\dcplusplus\windows\transferview.cpp(195): ?
> c:\documents\vcprojects\dcplusplus\windows\transferview.h(50): ?
> c:\program files\vs.net 2003\vc7\atlmfc\include\atlwin.h(3017): ?
> user32!0x666BABF7: ?
> user32!0x666BAF39: ?
> user32!0x666C0D29: ?
> user32!0x666ED284: ?
> user32!0x666EE099: ?
> user32!0x666EE2D5: ?
> comctl32!0x57758097: ?
> comctl32!0x5775D2C5: ?
> comctl32!0x5775DFAE: ?
> comctl32!0x5775E518: ?
> comctl32!0x577666D7: ?
> comctl32!0x577675C7: ?
> user32!0x666BABF7: ?
> user32!0x666BAF39: ?
> user32!0x666C0D29: ?
> c:\program files\vs.net 2003\vc7\atlmfc\include\atlwin.h(3020): ?
> user32!0x666BABF7: ?
> user32!0x666BAF39: ?
> user32!0x666C0D29: ?
> user32!0x666A3996: ?
> c:\documents\vcprojects\include\wtl-7.5.4196\atlapp.h(499): ?
> c:\documents\vcprojects\dcplusplus\windows\main.cpp(270): ?
> 0x1F83D6C8: ?
> Because user32 and comctl32 are both mentioned in the backtrace, I tried to
> switch them to native, but the program then crashed in a much worse way,
> ending at a wine-dbg> prompt.
>   This exception info is shown, when win98 is emulated. Normally I'm emulating
> nt40, in which case the backtrace is missing but the crash is looking very
> similar from the user's point of view.
>   No important information (like unimplemented call etc.) is shown in the
> wine's stdout/stderr.
>   Is there a developer which can help with this problem ?
>                                               With regards, Pavel Troller

  I have a lot of news in this case: I've downloaded sources for DC++ unstable
and looked onto them to see in which place the program crashes. I've found that
it occurs when the download/upload progress bar is about to be drawn. I've also
found that progress bar drawing can be disabled in advanced setting (oh yes,
source is the best user's manual You can have :-) ). I did so and DC++ started
to work for me.
  I think that it is a good starting point for a wine developer to find, what's
happening there, it should be easy to find when the source code which exhibits
the bug is available and exact location of bug invocation is known. Because I
know windows at a zero level, I cannot help with this, but I hope that others
can, and fixing this bug may help other apps too (and, even in DC++, the bars
are a nice eye-candy :-) ).
  Should I post this message to wine-devel, or is it enough to post it here,
in wine-users ?
                               With regards, Pavel Troller

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