Winecfg -> browse for folder

Robert van Herk robert at
Wed Nov 24 05:45:20 CST 2004


>>Is Z:\ always mapped to the root of the unix file system? Because that 
>>would seem to solve it: just let them choose a directory from Z:\ and 
>>then probably modify the returned string by removing Z: and replacing 
>>all /'s bij \'s.
>Hopefully it isn't: you may not always want to expose the full directory
>tree to dear little John Rogue Windows program, not even in (by default)
>mostly read-only access...
>IOW, there should be a mechanism which allows to establish a temporary
>root mapping during winecfg configuration only.
>However this would require some explanation for the user, since it's not
>entirely obvious why a drive mapping that existed during configuration won't
>exist later on.
I don't know how virtual windows drives are mounted at this moment, but 
I guess it is something that the winecfg applet cannot do...

Is it possible (as in: not too dangerous) to make a special API that 
does not exist in Windows, but then does exist in Wine, that would allow 
a program to mount the full Unix tree read only, such that only Wine 
programs can do that?

Because I really need to get the unix directory tree in one way or the 
other. Also, it would probably be nice to show the paths unix style 
here, with forward slashes and / as the root, so that the user is aware 
that he is picking a Unix directory instead of a virtual windows one.

Ofcourse, another solution would be to make a Unix server that 
communicates with winecfg and tells it how the Unix directory structure 
is, but that would be overkill I guess :-).


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