Clipping error

Robert Shearman rob at
Wed Nov 24 13:43:37 CST 2004

Stefan Dösinger wrote:

>I'm trying to run apple iTunes in Winehq CVS and I'm getting this 
>failure when I try to access the music store. Wine asks me to report this.
>err:local:LOCAL_GetBlock not enough space in GDI heap 10bf for 28 bytes
>err:region:CombineRgn Invalid rgn=(nil)
>err:local:LOCAL_GetBlock not enough space in GDI heap 10bf for 28 bytes
>err:clipping:CLIPPING_UpdateGCRegion hVisRgn is zero. Please report this.
>err:ntdll:RtlpWaitForCriticalSection section 0x407d7740 "gdiobj.c: GDI_level" 
>wait timed out in thread 0070, blocked by 0075, retrying (60 sec)
>wine: Unhandled exception (thread 0070), starting debugger...
>Can't attach process 61: error 5

We have filled up the 64k heap. We need to move at least one of the GDI 
objects over to the proper heap.

>If it's interesting for you I can provide more infos, otherwise simply drop my 
>mail. I'm just sending it because wine asks me to report this.
>The rest of iTunes seems to work somehow. The Gui opens and I can play music, 
>but it's slow, with X eating 100% of my CPU time. I have to use a native 
>setupapi.dll from WinXP.

When the work we (CodeWeavers) did for iTunes gets fully merged back 
into the wine tree this should improve.


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