Major Winelib Problems

Mike Hearn mh at
Thu Nov 25 13:24:08 CST 2004

On Thu, 25 Nov 2004 20:04:48 +0100, Sam Lauber wrote:
> I followed the tutorial for Winelib on my Linux system, building
> notepad. I examined the file "./notepad2" with readelf, and it said "Not
> an ELF file", and I do not have an a.out system. I opened it with my
> text editor (attached is the text I saw) and I was disappointed. Instead
> of a real "port", it was just a shell script that launches wine on a
> Windows program encapsulated in a ELF shared object file. I'm not happy.

What did you expect? Winelib can't magically make a Windows program a non
Windows program. It still needs CreateWindowEx and friends to be present.

I think what you mean is, you wanted to be able to type:


and have it launch like a "normal" app. You don't like the aesthetics of
running "wine". This is natural, I think most people go
through it (me too) but it's done for sound technical reasons and there's
really no disadvantage.

The reason to do a Winelib app is to either:

a) Port to another CPU arch
b) Allow usage of native ELF APIs
c) Both

I'm afraid whichever way you cut it, if a program is using Win32 it will
need Wine to be present.

thanks -mike

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