Major Winelib Problems

Vincent Béron vberon at
Thu Nov 25 13:49:45 CST 2004

Le jeu 25/11/2004 à 14:34, Dimitrie O. Paun a écrit :
> On Thu, Nov 25, 2004 at 08:04:48PM +0100, Sam Lauber wrote:
> > I followed the tutorial for Winelib on my Linux system, building notepad. I examined the file "./notepad2" with readelf, and it said "Not an ELF file", and I do not have an a.out system. I opened it with my text editor (attached is the text I saw) and I was disappointed. Instead of a real "port", it was just a shell script that launches wine on a Windows program encapsulated in a ELF shared object file. I'm not happy.
> Sorry, but that's how things are. It is pretty much a "real" port (whatever
> that means), even though it's launched through a script. It's not pretty,
> but because of the different binary env in Linux and Windows, that's the
> way it has to be.

I just discussed this on IRC with Mike, and the direction we briefly
looked at involved transforming wineapplauncher to a C program which
could then be the entry point for files produced via winegcc,
the same way can be executed (and gives basic info on the
included libs, copyright info, etc.).

That leaves winewrapper to take care of (to launch from the Wine source
tree). I guess mucking around the while "make install" is out of
the question? :)


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