Changed IE6 install script to run IE6 completely out-of-box

Mike Hearn mh at
Sun Nov 28 07:25:53 CST 2004

On Sun, 28 Nov 2004 11:54:47 +0900, Hajime Segawa wrote:
> I changed the install script a bit and it does not depend on DCOM98,
> MFC4.0, etc... anymore.
> So, you can run IE6 completely out-of-box.
> New script is here :

Quick tip: if you grab the IEBATCH file from my IE installer script:

and put it in your script then the IE installer won't prompt the user for
any information when installing. This is good as not all the things it
would otherwise install work yet. Also it makes it a fully automatic
hands-free install which I quite like.

thanks -mike

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